Angelic Reiki Healing

Angelic Reiki Healing


This guided medication, totally facilitated by the Angelic Kingdom and the energy that is channelled through Kevin’s voice, is a deeply healing experience.

The first part (15 mins) is an esoteric explanation of the nature of The Angelic Kingdom of Light as understood in Atlantian times. This information supports the listener in deepening the healing experience.

In the second part (31 mins) Kevin guides you into a deep relaxed place whilst visualising around yourself the sacred geometry that is on the inside cover of the CD.  Sacred geometry brings balance, integrates all our energy bodies, mapping them to the divine perfection of the Angelic Kingdom.

The Love of the Archangel Michael is particularly felt as he cuts away all Karmic ties that are not needed in you life now. An affirmation by the listener that they are willing to let got of any and all Karmic ties to people, places or things that are no longer relevant in your life now, will deepen the process.

Profound experiences have been reported as a result of this beautiful healing experience.

(It is not intended that this Meditation should replace professional medical help).


“I never go to sleep without listening to this healing medication. – Beth”


Music by kind permission of Michael Hammer.

Track 1.  An explanation by Kevin of the Angels as Divine Archetype of Creation. (14.55 mins).

Track  2. The Meditation, Healing and clearing lead by. (31.15 mins).


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