Archangelic Blessings CD Cover

Archangelic Blessings and Initiations


This is a guided medication, by Christine Core, which attuned you to the vibration of each of the Archangels associated with 10 Sepheroth on the tree of life.

She first guides you into a way of perceiving energy through the “feeling body”, our conscious awareness extends in this sphere around us. Through this “feeling body” one can perceive energies in ways beyond what can normally be perceived as pictures and messages. It enables one to “know” the angelic presence in a more profound way.

The Tree of Life is a representation of the archetypes of creation and therefore through connecting to the Archangel associated with each of the Sepheroth one is attuning one’s own consciousness to all of these divine manifestations.

The first part of the CD is on esoteric explanation of the angelic kingdom.

Music by kind permission of Michael Hammer


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