elemental cleansing

Elemental Cleansing


Everyone who has listened to this guided medication by Kevin Core has had a profound experience.

This CD is totally unique and facilitates a deep cleansing of the physical body of all toxins and poisons.

The natural eliminative systems of the physical body cannot excrete many of the substances that we encounter today.  These include aluminium from deodorants, lead from lipstick, Mercury from tooth fillings, carbon monoxide from car fumes, pesticides from food and most notably of all pharmaceutical drugs.

Through feedback in our workshops we absolutely know that this meditation facilitates the cleansing of these substances.

Most people experience a general cleansing and a lightening of their energy which is so important in these times of change.

Janet experienced a black substance travelling down her spine which was the cleansing of epileptic drugs that she been given over 40 years ago as a child.

Gemma experienced nausea as the Ritalin she had been given as a schoolgirl drained from her body. (See full story on www.newshamballa.com).

The CD also helped one connect to the devic and elemental world of physical bodies and the planet in a profound way.

This meditation is a great service to our selves and the planet.

Christine S.: – it is the most phenomenal medication I have ever done.


Music by kind permission of Michael Hammer

Track 1. A beautiful introduction to the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms. (23.01 mins)

Track 2. The cleansing meditation and merging with theses Kingdoms. (37.48 mins)


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