Coventry cathedrel AA Michael

Archangel Michael’s Karma Cutting Meditation


Presented by Kevin Core, channel for Angelic Reiki.

This is the last recording that Kevin did before he left the incarnation in June 2009. It was recorded during the Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation Workshop in our villa in Luxor, Egypt.

This is a deep clearing of Karma, going through every chakra and clearing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. We do not see karma as punishment or the result of wrong doings in the past. It is simply stuff that it is time to let go of and transmute through Love.

To do this has a profound influence on our lives.

The Archangel Michael is the Archangel of letting go and finding new beginnings through Love and self forgiveness. Kevin’s gift was to be able to connect intimately with the Angelic Kingdom. He was the channel for Angelic Reiki. Through the transformative power of his voice and the energy of the workshop, this CD offers a unique opportunity for change.

The second part of the meditation is a DNA, cellular and molecular cleanse.

This clearing will touch your ancestors for 7 generations and thus humanity as a whole. This clearing is done through sounding the God name of the Sephiroth Chesed on the Tree of Life. This is the highest point of manifestation. There is no where higher in creation, the perfect place from which to cleanse.


Track 1.  An introduction by Christine Core (4.12 mins)

Track 2. The Karma Cutting Meditation.  (30.32mins)

Track 3.  DNA, cellular and molecular cleanse going back 7 generations. (12.00 mins)


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