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Soul Integration Meditation


Welcome to the Soul integration meditation.

As part of his healing journey Kevin returned to his beloved Egypt in November 2008 just six months before he left the incarnation. He had felt strongly guided to return and receive teachings from this ancient land. As he sat late one evening within the energy of the great Pyramid on the plateau at Giesa this medication was given to him. It is a totally unique meditation and profound in its ability to connect one to Soul energy.

Our soul’s consciousness, with its wisdom and love, is not in some separate place. It is actually a round us, but at a different vibration of consciousness to our normal thinking life. It is therefore simply a matter of switching our consciousness vibration and we can know and feel that part of us that is what we call soul. We often talk about our souls in a similar way to a coat with the idea that it is something somewhere else that we can go and meet and put on for awhile. Your soul is an aspect of you it is a particular vibration of your own consciousness. It is the wise or loving aspect of who you are. One doesn’t have to wait until one leaves the incarnation to know, be and act from sole consciousness. It is here now just as you are, we just need to switch our perspective. It is the most blissful gift to integrate our sole consciousness.

Just a quick word about part of this medication. Kevin will guide you through moving the created reality around you through 180°. Do this slowly. This is based on the truth that each dimensional level of consciousness is actually at a 90° switch.

Enjoyed this profound meditation to know your soul self.


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