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Angelic Reiki was born in 2002 and was the start of something new yet conceived out of ancient truths. Kevin and Christine Core worked together for 7 years before the first founding principles of Angelic Reiki came together synchronistically just as the 21st Century unfolded.

Firmly based in those founding principles Angelic Reiki has grown and flourished. Now represented in over 26 countries and manuals translated into 10 languages, its gifts have spread worldwide.

To maintain good practice and preserve the integrity and purity of this sacred system of healing and empowerment, all qualified Angelic Reiki practitioners and teachers have agreed to embrace the Angelic Reiki Professional Code of Ethics as outlined below.

Membership of Professional Bodies

High standards of professional practice are the bedrock of good spiritual practice.

Angelic Reiki International, as founded by Kevin and Christine Core, is registered with the  International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) and the The Healer Foundation

The primary aim of these organisations is to promote ethical, responsible and professional standards for complementary and alternative medicine. They foster trust and confidence across the board creating choice for the public in caring for their health and well-being.

All Angelic Reiki professional practitioners and teachers are required to become members of the IICT, The Healer Foundation, or an equivalent organisation in their own country. The purpose of being affiliated with these bodies is to maintain high professional standards through the annual submission of Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) reports and also satisfy professional insurance standards.

The International Institute of Complementary Therapists, (IICT), based in Australia, is a well-established organisation. Their vision to become a professional body for the entire complementary therapy industry was realised in 2002 and they now work with 39 countries around the world.

The Healer Foundation in an international organisation based in the UK. They have vetted our professional standards, interviewed Kevin and Christine Core, and hold the copyrighted editions of our teaching material.

Angelic Reiki Professional Code of Ethics

In Angelic Reiki, we hold our clients with love respect, care and compassion. We ‘see’ them as their true nature which is an eternal spark of the divine beyond any troubles which may be besetting them at this time. We respect our clients’ views, opinions and choices as well as the opinions of others who may be supporting them, whether this be other healing professionals, medical practitioners or family.

As Angelic Reiki practitioners, we do not perceive ourselves to be in any special, elevated or superior position; we see ourselves as walking beside someone on their path.

Medical Conditions
An Angelic Reiki Practitioner does not diagnose disease, provide advice about medication or make any claims of providing a cure. The practitioner’s role is to empower the client to allow them to make their own decisions and to gently lead them into a place where they recognise the cause of what is causing them concern.

In an Angelic Reiki healing, the word healing is used in its traditional meaning of passing energy. The advice of a medical practitioner is always recommended where needed.

Client Confidentiality
A client’s information will not be discussed or shared with anyone (including other family members) without the client’s consent or a requirement by law.

Legal Requirements
An Angelic Reiki practitioner will have appropriate insurance and take the responsibility to research and comply with the legal requirements of the country in which they practice.

An Angelic Reiki Practitioner is required to complete all four levels of Angelic Reiki, submit at least three case studies for approval, and agree to embrace the Angelic Reiki Professional Ethos and Standards before being awarded with a Certificate of Professional Practice by a certified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher.

Ongoing Professional and Personal Development
In Angelic Reiki, a qualified practitioner embraces their own personal process of growth through a weaving together of ongoing professional development and personal reflection.

Statement of Our Professional Codes of Practice

Professional Standards for Practitioners

    • To have appropriate insurance
    • To continually be seeking to further one’s knowledge and expertise
    • Angelic Reiki is a hands on or hands-off healing modality on the fully clothed body. Practitioners always ask permission to touch and need to follow appropriate professional conduct
    • To clear, dedicate and close the space for each healing
    • To have prepared themselves through their own personal practice and meditation
    • To greet the client in a open, friendly and loving manner
    • To be professionally prepared and punctual
    • To ensure that the treatment room is well prepared at the start of each session, quiet and facilitating confidentiality
    • To provide a one-hour healing session
    • To leave all personal issues, prejudices and concerns outside the space.
    • To treat all clients honestly and fairly. Without prejudice or favouritism. All topics of conversation be non-controversial, eg: never discuss other clients, your love life, your financial status, your health problems, your personal problems, religion or other therapists in a derogatory way
    • All information given by the client to be totally confidential and this is to be made clear to the client
    • To always be aware of personal hygiene and keep a smart appearance creating high personal and professional standards
    • To be a focused and loving listener and to stay open to the guidance of the Angelic Kingdom
    • To be mindful of blurring the boundaries between client and friend. Professional clients cannot become friends. If they do, be sure to set the correct boundaries
    • The therapist/client relationship is one of trust. Therefore treat all information as strictly confidential. A client’s situation can only be discussed if professional support or advice is needed and only with the client’s permission
    • To recognise the divinely perfect aspect of each client. Seeing the client not as ill or in need in some way, but recognising the aspect of them that is already spiritually perfect and beautiful
    • To remember it is the client’s journey
    • To only perform treatments you are qualified to do, and give advice that you are qualified to give
    • To never claim to “cure” anyone, or take a client off medication or diagnose disease. Our role is to empower them to make their own decisions about medication and to gently lead them into a place where they recognise the cause of what is causing them concern
    • To tune in and let your heart and Angels choose the words for maximum positive effect. By putting your personality and opinions behind you, you can be the most perfect channel for the words a client needs to hear

Professional Standards for Teachers

    • To embrace all the above criteria for students
    • To abide by the Angelic Reiki Charter which states that the following is included in the workshop:
      1. Clearing, dedicating and closing the space
      2. To leave all personal issues, prejudices and concerns outside the space and to prepare appropriately beforehand through one’s own preferred personal meditation or practice
      3. To embrace the role as the one who is holding the space and responsible for it
      4. In workshops:
        • To have at least four people
        • To conduct the workshop over the full amount of time. The 1&2 workshop is 19 hours. This is divided over three (3) days in any proportion that is convenient. Usually the easiest way is to do 2-3 hours on Friday evening and the rest of the time on Saturday and Sunday. In this format the Friday evening is extremely valuable. Spirit and the Angels use the opportunity to do preliminary cleansing and unite the group energies. If one finishes the first evening with the first attunement, it allows participants to integrate this cleansing and initiation during sleep. To start the next day with the first healing grounds of the energy. The 3&4 workshop needs at least 19 hours, taking place on three consecutive days as above
        • The 1&2 and 3&4 Angelic Reiki Workshops are not divided up
        • We do not teach one-on-one
        • Distance attunements are not available in Angelic Reiki
        • To include everything in the syllabus as published in the workbook
        • To do the cleansings and attunements as written in the book; to read these from the workbook
        • Not to add material that is not part of Angelic Reiki
        • To give the official certificates
        • To open the first day with the meditation published in the workbook


Above all, be in joy and love.