Number Is The Within Of All Things

An expression of the perfect union of male and female; the form and the expression of form. Is it impossible to separate them? Would the rose be so beautiful if its structure was built according to different rules? Would it in fact still be a rose? If it is that the perfect geometric form of […]

Diagnosing the Light Fantastic

By Kevin Core, 2007 After being an intuitive healer for 9 years, first embracing Spiritual Healing and then Angelic Healing, Kevin underwent an initiation through the Archangel Metatron into a system of healing that Metatron called Angelic Reiki. Through the winter of 2002 and spring of 2003, a system of healing was passed to him, […]

Death and Dying, A Spiritual Perspective

By Kevin Core, 2006 Page 1 of 8 This article is copyrighted to Christine Core and The Foundation of Cosmic Fire. Permission is here given to send this article out to whoever you feel may benefit from it. All that we ask is that you give due recognition. In the West death has always considered […]