Number Is The Within Of All Things

Number Is The Within Of All Things

An expression of the perfect union of male and female; the form and the expression of form. Is it impossible to separate them? Would the rose be so beautiful if its structure was built according to different rules? Would it in fact still be a rose?

If it is that the perfect geometric form of a rose is actually the reason for its beauty and expression of love, we are posing some very interesting questions; questions to which great philosophers like Pythagoras dedicated their life.

It also invites the question as to how can we understand ourselves, our love and even the reason that we are here if we do not investigate the form that created us and the universe. Is this the secret of God?

Pythagoras said:

“Number rules the universe”
“Number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and the cause of gods and demons.”
“Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent.”
“Number is the within of all things.”
These statements stop me in my tracks. How can we have drifted so far away from the beauty of number and a way of seeing it as the exquisite foundation of creation? Perhaps it is ‘school maths’ that has disconnected us from its secrets and actually alienated us form the poetic truth and beauty that is hidden there.

Pythagoras was not just a dry mathematician. He was a great thinker and philosopher and an early proponent of vegetarianism believing that mankind would not stop warring and killing one another until we stopped killing animals. Here are some of the sayings attributed to him.

“In this theater of man’s life, it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers-on.”
“Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they will.”
“Be silent or let thy words be worth more than silence.”
These words are worthy of any philosopher or spiritual teacher of our time. Within Pythagoras’s words we have beauty philosophy, and mathematics. Both are so intertwined and dependent upon one another, weaving together the expressed truth of Yin and the Yang.

We have drifted a long way from understanding the spiritual blessing of number and geometry. I feel there are treasures to be found in rectifying this and that we cannot fully understand who we are and our spiritual journey without embracing this knowledge. Number and geometry was intimately woven into the culture of ancient civilizations. The ancient Egyptian wisdom is held in the pyramids; the Mayans measured times through the proportions of their temples; the great culture of Greece is expressed in pillars of the Acropolis; the Masons of Babylon kept a great source of mystery; and the grandeur and beauty of Christian cathedrals and Islamic minarets all hold testimony to the relationship of number, beauty and wisdom. A working knowledge of mathematics and geometry creates a lasting expression of the richness of a culture.

The Reiki symbols, Reiki healing and attunements depend upon geometric shapes. A Reiki attunement is made possible by the sacred geometric shapes of the symbols impacting, upon the patterning of our consciousness. When we look at the symbols, from the point of sacred geometry, we can see how they express many of the same qualities as the geometric patterns of the rose. It is the same expression of divine love. There are the masculine straight lines and right angles which move consciousness through the dimensional levels. This is connected to the feminine circular form and the spiral which is the building block of life itself.

When we understand and embrace the sacred form on which everything is built we have the most powerful spiritual tool. We are conscious beings and that consciousness is built, like the rose, on sacred form. And that form is love. Leonardo da Vinci showed how the physical body is built on sacred geometry and that is why it can express beauty and love. The definitive demonstration of this is Michelangelo’s statue of David. I was fortunate enough to visit Florence and see the statue before it became a massive tourist attraction. The beauty of the statue of David dominated the space and totally captured one’s attention. It wasn’t just the exquisite marble from which it is carved that was overwhelming, it was the divine beauty that was being radiated from the statue simply because it expressed perfect divine form and perfect love; the divine form and Love that, I believe, is the true nature of Humanity.

The knowledge of this is our way back to embodying love, beauty and wisdom in our everyday lives. The meditation practice which is known as The Merkabah is based on sacred geometry. It allows the practitioner to find a deep sense of love and peace on all levels. It attunes the light body to sacred form. Kevin (my late husband) and I worked with these principles for 17 years and relocated to Luxor, Egypt in order to live alongside the temples that are built with this wisdom. The practice includes deep cleanses and profound activations. Simplicity is the key because when understood as an expression of the divine maths and geometry is easy, really easy. How can it be difficult if it is the essence of our expression of love and the knowledge of who we really are?

Life will always bring us challenges, but from the stillness at the centre of the storm we can find balance and the strength and compassion to support others. The Golden Heart Merkabah meditation allows us to find balance and strength through the power of Love.