The Story of AR

It is impossible to separate the personal story of Kevin and I from the unfolding of Angelic Reiki. Other sections of this website will indicate how the story starts back in 1987. This was the year of ‘The Harmonic Convergence’, a very particular astrological alignment which triggered major changes in many people’s lives, especially those over the age of 40/45 who had been set up to respond. Certain souls had been destined to be born just after the Second World War as a vanguard to herald the changes to come. Kevin and I were part of this group of kids, destined to have difficult lives because we had a path to forge. We lived what would seem ordinary lives until the Harmonic Convergence kick-started changes. During the 1990s we learned much of what we needed to know for the next step. We had come to do a job, and that job could not be avoided. In the 1960s, urged on by the atrocities of the Vietnam War, there was a movement in the West devoted to finding ways to live peacefully. This was lead in the USA by people inspired to think in a different way. They were the ‘thinkers’, the new philosophers of our time. Men and women interested in the human psyche, looking at ways of flowering our creativity, and living as a viable community. LSD was a legal drug used by such thinkers as Ram Dass (born Richard Alpert) and Timothy Leary studying at Harvard University, their aim to understand consciousness. LSD became illegal. It became popular, it became widely available; it became abused. Alongside it was a similar story for Marijuana. An intellectual and social thinking movement became a silly Flower Power movement that could not be taken seriously. The ethos, admirable but undermined by the new wave of drug use and music, generated out of Laurel Cannon just north of Los Angeles.  Out of this a new spiritual movement of LOVE grew, and simply became a platform for misinformation for new spiritual creed. Then Reiki came along. A way that we could all become healers in a weekend. No personal work involved, no searching out our own shadow, no personal spiritual practice and no professional practice training. I am not against Reiki. It is an amazing gift. I am making a big generalisation here, I know, but I am sure that many of you who were in the New Age spiritual movement in the 90s, and indeed through to this day, will recognise something of what I am saying. Angels have also become very popular. But what is the definition of an Angel? The power assigned to Angels and the New Age model of Ascended Masters echoes closely the ethos of which it is a reflection and continuation, the ethos of hierarchical structure within spirituality. ‘It, me, they, him, them etc. are more spiritual than you or me, they have more power and knowledge.’ ‘You lesser mortal.’ No! I am not against Christianity either, but I do recognise when something is used to create power over………….. The word Angel comes from the Greeks and translates as ‘The messenger of the Gods’. The Gods in Greek mythology are the primary archetypes. The primary archetypes are the modelling of creation on all levels. Angels are the messaging of the creative principle of Pure Divinity: not good, not bad, simply TRUTH simply the very presence of Unconditional Love. Angelic Reiki is the invitation to bathe in the perfect truth of the Divine. A healing is a space held by someone for someone else with the sole (and Soul) intention of facilitating ‘THY WILL NOT MY WILL.’ For Angelic Reiki the healer or teacher, by definition, has not to come from personal ego, hopes, desires or agendas. They are not special, they are simply there. They are there to offer an invitation to know one’s own Divine true self. To embrace this philosophy, an Angelic Reiki healer has to take on board their own personal process and spiritual growth; in other words, what Carl Jung would call the shadow. Angelic Reiki demands a level of self-awareness, mindfulness and spiritual maturity. The Healing For Our Time/Ancient Wisdom The idea of Angelic Reiki being the healing for our time was there at the very beginning of its conception. We also understood that its philosophy and practice was based on Ancient Wisdoms. That might seem a bit of a contradiction but it is not. The old, honoured ways which Angelic Reiki embraces are: The dedication of the space: The importance of clearing and dedicating a space in preparation for spiritual practices. Around the world, in all traditions, no sacred work takes place until the space receives due dedication. The dedication of the Practitioner or Teacher: Personal preparation is essential before one steps forward to work with others. Also a mindfulness of any ego-led personal agendas. Wisdom: Wisdom has been left out of many modern-day spiritual work because asking how, why, who etc. has not been encouraged in most modern western spiritual practices. Love can be misled without wisdom. Governing principles: “They Will not My Will’. (Thy in this context can be assigned to ‘God’ in any tradition. Constant enquiry: When we think we understand we are in a place of indulgent ignorance. Professionalism and Ethics: High standards of professional practice are the bedrock of high spiritual practice. Compassion: In everything we do we bring compassion and humility. The aim of personal empowerment: The primary outcome of connecting to Angelic Reiki, either through a healing or workshop, is to link in to one’s individual gifts and purpose. So after a healing one might have an improvement in the pain in the knee, but a latent desire to write poetry, or take up singing, painting, healing, or teaching might also happen.
A Brief History of Angelic Reiki. Angelic Reiki – The Back Story My purpose in writing this is to create a statement, a story of simple facts so that anyone who is interested in seeking the truth might find it useful as a reference point. Information is being written on website, Face book and e-mails that is blatantly untrue. It is only reasonable that those connected to or interested in Angelic Reiki, should have a source to which they can refer and thereby come to an informed perspective. I have written aspects of this story a number of times, and part is in the Angelic Reiki book. My intention is for this to be the full story and it will stick simply to factual information. All previous versions have catalogued part of the story. My intention here is not to miss anything out, so I apologise in advance if it is rather long. This is an outline of the conception and development of Angelic Reiki with the intention of simply presenting the facts. There is a ‘story/drama’ behind certain parts of it but that is not told here. Some aspects will be more relevant to the reader than others but I feel a record of the full story should be written. I have listed fact and added comments in italics. 1987 –The Harmonic Convergence triggers both me and Kevin onto a new life path causing major changes in our lives. 1987 to 1992 – I follow professional training in Homeopathy and open a multi disciplinary healing centre. 1992 to 1996 – I receive attunements to Usui Reiki and Masters in Shamballa Reiki, take 3 courses in the Merkabah two in the US, take a post graduate course in Homeopathy, study Neo Reiki in India and other personal training. 1994 to 1996 – I teach Shamballa Reiki. 1996 – Kevin is introduced to me and joins my centre part time as a healer. 1996 – I start teaching the Merkabah and Kevin attends one of my classes 1996 to 2002 – We work together with Merkabah energy and have a study group in Stratford upon-Avon. We start a meditation group in the local community and a weekly lecture group. We were also on the speakers’ list for groups throughout the Yorkshire area. Kevin and I exchange healings and he attends group meeting at my home. 2002-3 At one of our spiritual research groups there is confirmation that my next step is to take up the challenge of traveling round the world which I do for 15 months.
  1. Kevin, based on his extensive reading of different philosophies, Hindu, Buddhist, modern western, Blavatsky and Alice Bailey and Western magical traditions collects together information and material.
  2. He realizes that it may form the basis for teaching healing.
  3. He asks our meditation groups if they would like to do a weekend workshop with this new material.
  4. The feedback was very positive.
  5. Subsequent groups ask Kevin to write down the healing methods and other bits to create manuals that could be given out at the workshops. THESE MANUALS DO NOT INCLUDE EVERYTHING THAT IS TAUGHT IN THE WORKSHOP. For Example the first workshops included dowsing and Jan de Vires flower essences.
  6. The groups also ask for certificates.
  7. Next there is a request to be taught how to teach this new Angelic Reiki. Kevin creates more manuals and bases the structure loosely on the Usui Reiki system. There is a student manual for the 1st and 2nd Degree workshop; a teachers manual for the 1st and 2nd Degree; student manual for the 3rd and 4th Degree workshop and a teaches manual for the 3rd and 4th Degree.
  8. The teacher’s manuals include a description of the healing methods, the script for opening the space and attunements. There is no information written down as to how to teach the workshop nor the philosophy on which it is based.
The Universe contrived for Kevin to be invited to teach a 1st and 2nd Degree workshop in Malaysia at exactly the same time as my world trip took my through the very same place. It was here that our friend ship became a relationship. After Malaysia Kevin moved into my house in the UK, I went to Japan to teach Shamballa Reiki and then back to the UK. 2003-On my return from my travels I held the space with Kevin for the first Angelic Reiki Masters workshop which was held in our home town at the end of November 2003. Many of the group I  already knew from the meditation group we had set up in the 1990’s. 2004-Kevin and Christine co-teach Angelic Reiki. Early in 2004 the need for more information in the manuals becomes very apparent and to fill this gap we decide to write a book on Angelic Reiki. It was intended for this book to be part of the workshop student and teacher material. We were asked in an early workshop if the 1st and 2nd Degree workshop allowed someone to professionally practice Angelic Reiki. Kevin gave the answer yes. Energetically this was true. Information about charging was introduced verbally. The 1st and 2nd Degree manuals were not written with professional practice in mind, and there is no support material in the teacher’s manual. Kevin and I made it clear right from the start that the spiritual philosophy of Angelic Reiki was based on what we termed ‘The Ancient Wisdom’ which, in a number of fundamental ways, is quite different from New Age Spiritual philosophy and traditional Reiki.  The understanding of the spiritual philosophy and principles and practice of healing for Angelic Reiki is constantly deepening. It is the ‘Healing for Our Time’ as Archangel Metatron stated and as such is constantly developing in line with the present changes. 2005-Kevin and I start teaching Angelic Reiki over 7days rather than just 2 weekends because the 5+ days of the original 2 workshops is not enough time in which to teach everything. We have already taught Angelic Reiki in Malaysia, Singapore, Greece and the United States. Rena Guttridge, who created the Healer Foundation, came to visit us during a workshop in Shipley and accepted Angelic Reiki as a modality that she was willing to embrace within the Healer Foundation. This is affiliated to the BCMA in the UK. 2005-We relocate to Luxor Egypt. We ran an update workshop at which we announced that we were going to live in Egypt. A small group was formed to look after Angelic Reiki in the UK. 2006 to 2008 – Angelic Reiki continues to spread very quickly both in the UK and worldwide and we travel extensively. 2008-09. Kevin had been ill for some time and in the September of 2008 we return to the UK for medical support. I received an email from a Master Teacher asking a question about one of the healing methods. It was a very basic question. It was a significant indication to us that more information needed to be written down and the standard of teaching was suffering as a result of this lack of information. I decided to set up a Q & A system inviting questions and sending detailed answers to everyone who was on the data base list. The book which we realized was needed back in 2004 had not been written. There were many contributing factors Kevin’s health being the main one. The inadequacy of the original manuals was evident and the Q & A’s made a good contribution to fill in the gaps. Information also came to light that some teachers were presenting much shortened workshops with inadequate numbers, plus other issues, which meant that new students were not always receiving all of the system.  2009- Kevin leaves that incarnation on 2nd June. I now had more time to focus on Angelic Reiki. I felt passionately that the greatest service I could do and the best way to honour Kevin was to make available to everyone all the information which we taught; all the information that would have been in the book had it have been written in 2004.  The first thing I did was to write a list of the practical things that were needed by spirit in order to ground the energy effectively. These were not my rules but spiritual requirements. They were not compulsory just advisory. I created what I called a ‘charter’ which listed these and asked teachers to sign, agreeing that they embraced these as the spiritual principles that underpinned Angelic Reiki. The purpose of this was to return to some basic acceptance of the structure so that there was a consistency in what was offered to the public.  There were some teachers who disagreed with my doing this and without any consultation or contact with me, set up the Angelic Reiki Association. Angelic Reiki teachers from around the world were invited to join. Their stated aim was to teach Angelic Reiki as Kevin intended it to be and as written in the original manuals.The person who orgnaised this had never met or worked with Kevin or me. (I requested a meeting in 2010 to try and find out what the issues were.) Note from Mexico: the person who had originally invited me to Mexico to teach Angelic Reiki joined this group.  2009. I write new manuals so that all teachers have all the information and material that we had taught. New web site for Angelic Reiki in the UK set up giving the information of the full system and a list of teachers and practitioners. 2010. The new manuals are completed and Christine (with Kevin’s input from Spirit) writes the Angelic Reiki Book. The Angelic Reiki Association does not use these new manuals. The new web site for Angelic Reiki in the UK was hacked and needs to be closed down. 2011- I extended my workshop to 9 days in order to cover all the subjects more fully and give teachers the opportunity to have practical experience of teaching and leading a healing exchange. Funds were donated to create a new web site for the UK. 2012. In the January the Angelic Reiki book is published and sold through Amazon and major book shops. The 9 day workshop in Luxor in February was partially videoed. These are now a You Tube library, creating a resource for teachers and students. COMMENT When we were in Sedona, Arizona, USA in the spring of 2008 we decided to look at property in that area and spent a couple of days with Realty Agent. Kevin’s vision had always been for us to have a Foundation where all aspects of healthy spiritual living would be taught. I was already a qualified Homeopath and Kevin was looking at training in Naturopathy. The aspirations for our work were not fixed in ideas born in 2003. Ideas grow, understanding deepens, visions broaden; if they don’t the work is dead and was founded on shallow dreams. There are 3 workshops which together represent the work that Kevin and I created. The vision was always a broad and eclectic one. The idea that what is written down in the first edition of the Angelic Reiki manuals represents in any way Kevin’s vision or what Kevin intended, could not be further from the truth. The idea that Kevin could be both a remarkable spiritual teacher and at the same time stuck with the first draft of the Angelic Reiki manuals written in 2003 over 10 years ago is untenable. The idea that Kevin alone was totally responsible for Angelic Reiki is to put him on a pedestal that he never claimed. The idea that I, his wife, spiritual partner, and co-teacher would, just weeks after his death, go against his wishes and betray what we had built and birthed together, does not deserve comment. I have every right, indeed it is my duty, to continue growing what we started together. I observe a sad willingness for people to give their power to a dead hero they never met.
COPYRIGHT STATEMENT The term ‘Angelic Reiki’ as used on this website refers to the principles, philosophy and method conceived and developed from 2002 to 2003 by Kevin Core. The name ‘Angelic Reiki’ and its intellectual property is Trade Marked and Copyrighted. To the knowledge of Kevin Core and myself, Christine Core, at the time of conception no other healing method had this name. The term Angelic Reiki refers specially, specifically and in totality to the original principles, philosophy and method. All other systems and groups or individuals using this name do not have any validation by the founders. Kevin was very clear that unauthorised copying of his manuals was not acceptable. Declaration ALL INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE ADHERES TOTALLY AND FAITHFULLY TO THE FOUNDERS’ ORIGINAL PHILOSOPHY AND IDEAS AS DICTATED BY THE ARCHANGEL METATRON I, Christine Core worked with Kevin from 1997 to create these founding principles. Kevin alone wrote the information that is presented in the original manuals. From the first Master Teachers’ workshop in November 2003, Kevin and I taught together. The only exceptions were when Kevin became less strong in 2006. A lot of information taught in our workshops was not written in the original manuals. The system continued to develop over our 6 years of teaching until Kevin’s death in June 2009. It still continues to unfold. The basic original principles, philosophy and method remain absolutely honored and respected. The principles and “Laws” of Angelic Reiki define it and therefore, if changed, the result is NOT Angelic Reiki, by definition. Angelic Reiki is defined as: A spiritual path, form of healing and empowerment that includes: Attunements:  1. NOT given by the teacher 2. NOT given individually to participants 3. Integrated through guided healing exchanges 4. Given in a dedicated space 5. Read exactly and in entirety as given in the manuals 6. Given in a group situation 7. Does NOT include individual attunements 8. Does NOT include distance attunements Healings:
  1. NOT directed or lead by the healer
  2. A healing session is not aimed at fixing a problem, but rather as an invitation to realise one’s own divinity
  3. The healer does NOT
    1. Chant symbols
    2. Visualise symbols
    3. Direct energy
    4. ‘Call in’ specific energy
    5. Interpret the energy
    6. Classify the energy
    7. Assess the quality or outcome of the session
Angels are defined as:
  1. NOT beings with wings
  2. NOT something separate that comes to help or give advice
  3. NOT any anthropomorphised form
PROSECUTION Statement by Christine Core. Angelic Reiki was a joint work between Kevin, myself and The Angelic Kingdom of Light. Confirmed by Kevin’s Will and Last Testament, I have full legal rights to all material and intellectual property. This is registered, with international application, with UKCS registration services, ref 317393. Until now I have chosen to leave judgement and karmic debt to come from other places other than myself.