The News As I See It!

The News As I See It!

This will be an eclectic selection of articles and information taken from sources that I have been looking at for years and cannot find any reason to not trust But you must make your own mind up.

4th February 2017

It is impossible for me to have a blog with the title ‘News’ and avoid the subject of Donald Trump. The news is awash with his tweets, reports on his telephone conversation, proposed visits and the rest of it.
At the moment I think the best I can do is report a couple of facts. We know that the main news outlets have majorly NOT told the truth in the past so why should we believe them now?

It is hard to not know what is going on, but the truth is that we don’t. Second fact, he has spoken up against vaccination. This says a lot about what he knows, how he thinks and who is not pulling the strings.


Quotation from David Ike who I met in about 1993 I thought he was a really lovely guy.

“we need to be at peace with those having a different opinion. If we are not at peace with them then we are not at peace with freedom”