This is a unique opportunity to learn the full system from Christine Core co-founder with her husband Kevin of Angelic Reiki

“Angelic Reiki it is the absolute joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, groups and the planet. Angels are beings who exist outside the different dimensions as we know them. They are the Master Programmers of the Main Programme we know as the Universe. Through their guidance and the healing art of Reiki we can positively influence the creative energy systems of any individual or group, according to Divine Will. This could be on a physical, emotional  mental level.” – Kevin Core

Kevin left this incarnation on 2 June 2009. He has truly returned to his essence as an aspect of the Archangel Yophiel and from that place intimately and profoundly touches everyone who does these workshops, especially through me his wife, beloved and twin flame.

The space will be held and dedicated to the Angelic Kingdom of Light and also guided by Kevin through my intimate connection with him. I am still living in our villa on the banks of the River Nile in Luxor, Egypt amongst the magic of the temples and the Valley of Kings. so I will bring the wisdom and magic of the temples into that space

This 9 day intensive will include all the attunements, initiations and information of the full system. An Angelic Reiki Master certificate will be awarded, but in order to teach and/or be a professional practitioner, 3 case studies will be required for submission after the workshop. These will support the participant in the practice of Angelic Reiki and the Professional Practitioner’s certificate will be given on completion of the case studies.

This workshop will equip the participant to be a professional practitioner and teacher, as well as being a powerful transformative personal experience.

“Angelic Reiki is above and beyond any healing modality I have studied or practised. It is totally unique in its purity of content and divine presentation. Angelic Reiki will bring all that is needed for humankind’s next step forward in this dance of life”.  –Patricia.

It is open to anyone with or without previous experience; just a desire to come and work with the Angelic Kingdom of Light is enough.

You will:

  • receive 8 attunements. These attunements actually change the molecular spin of our physical vehicle and consciousness enabling the initiate to merge more completely with Angelic energy:
  • participate in at least 8 individual healing sessions:
  • have an opportunity to practice facilitating healing exchanges and attunements:
  • learn a great deal of esoteric information:
  • understand the healing process:
  • have the opportunity to ask all your questions:
  • you will be taught the Death and Dying process so you can help a friend, relative or client go through this process; and
  • you will receive an initiation into the virtues of 30 Archangels:
  • you will complete Levels 1 & 2:
  • you will complete Master Levels 3 & 4:
  • you will complete the Professional Practitioner level:
  • you will complete the Master Teachers level:
  • you will be able to practice this modality professionally, and teach this incredible healing modality which is connected to the energy of Atlantis.


  • What would it feel like to have the energy of the most powerful, Archangelic Presence that you could imagine, manifesting behind you and anchoring into your energy body the most pure, divine, simple healing symbols, which would enable you to make a permanent connection with your Soul, and that aspect of your being which is Divine?
  • How would it feel to undergo an initiation into the vibration of the Angelic Kingdom of Light which would alter the molecular spin of the very atoms of your physical body and your DNA so that from that moment forward you would be able to merge with angelic energy in perfection?
  • Imagine a connection with the Great White Brotherhood and the Ascended Masters which allows you to be embraced by their energy and be welcomed into the ranks of the galactic healers of this Galaxy?
  • What profound joy would you experience if you found yourself in a multi-dimensional vortex, merging energy with an Ascended Master or a Galactic Healer in order to clear and balance past lives, on this planet and others, for yourself, your friends, family, or clients?
  • How wonderful would it be to know death as the amazing initiation into spirit that it truly is and to be able to heal people through death both in the present and past?
  • How wonderful would it be to look into the eyes of a fellow human being, and through eye contact alone, be able to send them the most profound healing they may ever have experienced?
  • How awe inspiring would it be for you to be surrounded by your soul group in order for you to channel your divine presence to a patient, in order for that patient to recognize their own divine origins?
  • How empowering would it be to integrate the true origins of Reiki? To understand what the symbols truly are, and to be initiated into their highest vibration of galactic and universal levels?
  • Imagine the radiant splendour of having the energy of 30 Archangels manifest before you to give you probably the most profound initiation you will ever experience; their combined energies constituting the sum total of the vibration of the Angelic Kingdom of Light as we experience it in consciousness.

What a wonderful gift to be able to also give this to others.

In the Angelic Reiki System, there are four attunements leading up to complete mastery of the system. There are also two angelic attunements which allow the student to be energetically initiated into the angelic vibration of the divine archetypes.  These archetypes are the basis on which consciousness exists.  The anchoring of these archetypes into the consciousness of a client or friend through healing can create a transformational shift for them, causing seemingly miraculous effects. There is also an attunement into the Angelic Rays and one into the vibration of the ten Archangels of the Tree of Life through colour.

In Angelic Reiki, the Master Teacher does NOT do the attunements. An Angelic presence stands behind each person to be initiated and the attunements come through that Angel. The Angelic Kingdom manifests their energy around each student and anchors the symbols into the appropriate charkas.  The symbols and the initiation are received by the student at a pure Divine vibration.

Although symbols will be taught in the workshop, in order to practice Angelic Reiki, symbols and hand positions do NOT need to be remembered.

  1. Christine will share the information and insights through our journey with cancer. In the workshop I will also explore the nature of pain and suffering and why we create it and how the 2 ½ years Kevin had been in constant pain with mouth and throat cancer was the most joyous time of his life. These insights will allow you to view life as it is viewed by Spirit and embrace all pain and suffering as part of the great game we call LIFE.
  2. When Angelic Reiki was first channelled Archangel Metatron informed us that it was “The Healing System for Our Time”. Through a simple understanding of modern science in the field of Quantum Physics we now understand the truth of this statement. We will share with you this amazing truth and show how it deepens our healing potential.
  3. Consciousness.  In our reality we consider time as linear. This is not true. We believe we live in a world composed of beginnings and endings but this is the illusion of living on this plane of consciousness. The greater reality embraces the truth that all manifestation is spherical. You are living every moment of this lifetime now. This is not a platitude. In this workshop we will show you how it works and how to heal your patients and yourself as a spherical consciousness. This information has not been revealed for centuries because of its power. We are fortunate that this system has been chosen by Spirit to break through the veil of illusion we have all been living under for the last 2,000 years.
  4. Death and Dying. Supporting and healing someone through a deathing process can be a most profound, uplifting and joyous experience.  It is only ignorance and fear that have ever made it otherwise.  After Kevin leaving the incarnation I have some poignant and remarkable experiences to pass on. In this workshop, I/we will go through the process that occurs as one separates from the physical body. This will enable you to help a friend, a relative, or a client go through this process.  It is possible to heal a person through and after death and it is one of the most profound services that we can offer to another.
  5. Etheric Body.  Most of us have heard this term but do not understand its implications.  If we do not maintain a healthy etheric body we will succumb to illness.  Also, light workers who are constantly calling in energy do not understand that an etheric body flooded with this energy can cause problems.  In this workshop, we will highlight those problems and show you how to deal with them.
  6. The ascension process in causing physical symptoms related to our change in consciousness. One of the main purposes of Angelic Reiki is to support us through this process with grace and ease.

What People Are Saying About Angelic Reiki:

Dear Christine and Kevin.  I tried it to express my sense of gratitude to Christine at the Sedona Angelic Reiki workshop, but all I could do was to tear up.  I just want both of you to know how much I honour the space that you hold and the great commitment I know it takes to do this work.  It meets my needs for validation, a sense of hope, joy and deep connection.  There was a sense of homecoming that has continued to resonate and sustain me.  Maria.

Dear Christine and Kevin.  I feel honoured and blessed to have taken part in the Angelic Reiki workshop.  Your integrated healing system incorporates numerous levels of lightbody activations which are overlighted by the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and many, many other energies which merge into one to create by far the most comprehensive, powerful and pure healing vibration that I have ever experienced. Aysen.

Angelic Reiki is above and beyond any healing modality I have studied or practised.  It is totally unique in its purity of content and divine presentation.  Thank you for gifting to me, all your students, this world, and the entire universe and galactic communities the most subtle yet profound art of healing on all levels.  Angelic Reiki will bring all that is needed for humankind’s next step forward in this dance of life. Patricia.

This workshop has most of the elements I have been looking for much of my life.  To say it has been transformational doesn’t even begin to give it the proper words.  I have learnt and grown so much.  Sandy.

Amazing.  It is not an exaggeration to call the workshop life changing.  The energy is powerful, beautiful, warm and gentle, just as you’d expect an angel to be.  The material covered is fascinating.  Kevin and Christine are mesmerising, not to mention stand-up comedians for spirit.  Their love of their work and each other is admirable and inspiring.  Jeanette.

“The course was fabulous! The first evening, during and after the cleansing, was uncomfortable for me. I was releasing a lot, to which I am grateful. The next morning I felt different, like I needed to be calm, and alone to integrate what was happening to me. The next two days were really good. After the two attunements I noticed a definite difference when I was healing. I called in my new Angelic Reiki being, and I was fully aware of her presence. It was like a huge, “hello, I’m here!” I also was given her name. She is called Diana. The healing sessions were great, and my client felt the benefits. I worked as instructed by you through the various approaches, and again could sense the differences. I call upon Diana now during any healing. All that’s left for me to say is when can I do the next Angelic Reiki course?? All my Love + Light”

Lindsay Hudson, England

I really did enjoy the workshop and felt that the angels were around us all weekend. I knew I was guided to this workshop by the angels.

Kevin has evolved to be a truly high light being. I would highly recommend the workshop to all light workers as a massive leap of Ascension.”

Dianne , England

“I have moved into a completely different space on my journey, and I am so grateful for the experience. Kevin & Christine emanate a wonderful angelic vibration, pure and high, like the ringing tone I now have in my ears. I understand so much more about the process of Ascension and the part we all play. Love, Understanding and a Deep Peace are my experiences”.

Kay , England

“The overall experience was just ‘mind-blowing’. Never have I felt as strong before, the feelings of serenity, inner peace, tranquility, relaxation and safeness, on my own or within a group. A truly wonderful and appreciated workshop which I will definitely be returning to.”

Mandy, England

“This seminar has been the answer to my prayers. The information is essential to those who are accepting their Soul’s Path.”

Sharrin , Texas , USA

“Now I know who I am and I will never forget. This will help me to be the Godself that I can be. I understand all that I am now and where I am going. There is nothing I cannot do now!”

Shanti – Kimberly, Mt Shasta , California , USA

“I arrived in Luxor , sad, tired and badly burned out! I leave now joyous and know my true purpose. I know happiness is not a destination, but a deliberately chosen state of being in the now moment. Even though I had the capacity to love, I had not really understood how important it is to accept love. I had closed that side of myself. I felt and experienced love immeasurable from the angelic realm, the Masters, and from you both.

I leave with the skills that continue the flow of love in action that you have facilitated. I will practice healing and will be the mirror and ambassador for this healing practice, which brings us closer to angels and the divine.

I feel more connected to everything in a more multidimensional way. This is really hard to describe in order to do it justice but I feel that I am not confined to my physical body and at times I am part of everything to the point where I can almost feel, touch, smell, see as that other being, place, animal, place etc…….. its a strange feeling being me and also being whatever else I put my attention to and also feeling that I am wrapped around everything…… but I guess this is the connection I am feeling….. but I can feel this on many levels and in many layers of reality…..past present and future…… and in that moment it is impossible to put into words what I am experiencing as it is so vast and it is such a brief feeling but it is very deep and very profound and yet feels very simple also. Because as well as being vast and all encompassing I also know at the same time it is also very small and within the tiniest atom of my body………. that is as well as me being a part of everything…..everything is also within me. Before I knew this as a concept and I sort of understood…….. now I know it to be true as I can feel it. This is what AR has done for me.

I also feel the pace of everything has increased and I am gaining new insights and yes I suppose consolidation is the right word as I am able to apply the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained both more in my everyday life and also to aid my own creative processes in my spiritual practices. I think now is the time to apply all of our spiritual wisdom and tools into our lives in order to move this world towards ascension, and it is important that we do this or should I say BE this in our every day lives because otherwise it is like saying that all of the spiritual work is somehow separate to our ‘normal’ everyday life, when in fact it should be integral as it should be a part of who we are as people. But more importantly these spiritual practices are only tools on the path to ascension and they are to be used wisely and not assume that they will guarantee you wisdom…… we all have to put the work in and also at the same time remember that life experiences themselves can give you the same insights if we can recognise them and grow. I personally feel that the wonderful thing about being the gift of using spiritual tools is that they are just that……… tools or bridging techniques to empower us to evolve. Little torches to light our way on what can be a dimly lit path.

Much love and gratitude

Pam UK

This is by far the most valuable week we have ever experienced. Our life going forwards will be a far different path thanks to your knowledge and ability to help us understand it. The amount of information received was amazing I don’t think I could have absorbed any more on a daily basis. I was not very clear on what to expect when we registered for the course. It far exceeds my expectations!! My father is close to dying and Jerry’s Dad and Grandmother both passed away during the last 90 days. This class was amazingly helpful to us in understanding where they are and what we can do to move forwards. The amazing energy you built in our space was great!! Thank you so much for making this available to us!! I encourage anyone who wants to move forwards on their spiritual path to attend your class!! I am extremely grateful!!

Rondetta, Stockdale, Arizona, USA

The purpose of this Angelic Reiki Workshop

This 9 day intensive workshop covers all the attunements, healing practices and information contained within the full system which is usually taught over four weekends. It provides a rich and deep experience for those travelling from abroad or those wishing to teach or practice this unique modality.

The cost is the same as doing the course over the traditional four weekends at £1250.00.

The Nab Cottage venue also has the added richness of a residential.

Message from Christine Core

Kevin left this incarnation on 2 June 2009. He has truly returned to his essence as an aspect of the Archangel Yophiel and from that place intimately and profoundly touches everyone who does these workshops, especially through myself his wife, beloved and twin flame.